Sunday, September 30, 2012

Transition and Sunrise Sleepover

It was birthday celebrations all round at the Transition ceremony on Friday 28 Sep. at the Den.

It was 105 years since Scouting Started in NZ. All our Keas, Cubs and Scouts gained an extra year. Our Venturer Unit came into being with 9 Scouts keen to continue their Scouting at Malvern! Happy Birthday all round indeed. It was a busy evening with 3 Keas and 1 Cub invested. 7 Keas transitioned to Cubs, 8 Cubs to Scouts and 9 Scouts to Venturers by completeing their transition challenge!
It was then outside to blow up the birthday cake launch celebratory rocket(s) and have the inaugrial TOWT (Tug of War Tournament) with a brand new trophy up for grabs! Only 3 Venturers were present and bombed out badly everytime but good on them for the brave effort! The Keas, Cubs & Scouts all won 2 challenges each!

After supper the Keas headed home, Cubs got their stretchers out in the Den and the Scouts outside in the tents before roasting marshmellows on the fire outside.

7.30am Saturday morning was the Sunrise Ceremony (ok, sunrise was 6.07am or so but we wanted the Keas to be able to participate as well!) After flag break everyone reconfirmed their Scout Promise and Law and we got stuck into sausages and cereal for breakfast before heading home to enjoy the holidays!

See you all in the new term, all ready and one scout year older!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Acknowledging achievement and rediscovering the Malvern Spirit

To all Malvern Parents and leaders we have email for…

Wow, what a year it's been for us all!
A quick note about Wednesday this week:

It's the end of term, and the time we transition Keas to Cubs, and Cubs to Scouts, so this week on Wednesday we're going to have a group meeting with as many parents as we can get together. Bring a plate and watch your child get the awards they've been working on this year.

6:00pm Openings

6:10 begin awards (Bronze, Silver, Gold section awards and any Be Prepared badges)

6:25 activities in Rugby park

6:40 Invest Keas to their next Cub pack (Matai or Tama)
Invest Cubs to their next Scout troop (Monday or Tuesday)

7:00 informal supper

This will be instead of the regular Kea meeting for the last week of the term, other sections are meeting as normal, check with your section leader for your regular meeting

Due to leader movements as their children move between sections we've had some re-arranging to do.

This has led to some re-thinking of how best to organise our volunteers into a scheme that works for most of us, it's not perfect but I think it will work out well in the long run for us all.

I'll confirm the finer details with you all on Wednesday, there'll be a few new faces and some day changes but I believe that your youngsters will continue to be faced with a challenging, adventurous, outdoors programme of Scouting at Malvern after these changes.


I'm struck by the loss of momentum the group has faced this year, and in part I blame myself for this.

That is why the group really does need a Group Leader who's only doing one thing, and currently as Acting Group Leader I'm not doing a very good job of uniting all the families of the sections.

So, if you've got an inkling that you could devote some time to the group, please consider some of the roles we need to fill:

Group Leader
Committee members (currently the largest group in the zone has only 3 committee members, this isn't enough to do the work they face)
Section leaders: from Keas to Scouts, there's room for you.


Looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday October 5


Posted via email from Scouts at Malvern Scout Group

Monday, February 7, 2011

Some milestones for Malvern

I'm proud to note that Grant Bennett, our Scoutmaster of very long standing has been awarded a Medal of Merit in the Founder's day awards list. Grant has worked alongside a number of leaders for the last ten years and more, his children are long gone from the section but he's continued to work with our youth members.

I'm sure you'll all join me in thanking him for his excellent service for more than a decade.

I'd also like to note that I'll be presenting three new leader warrants in the next few weeks.

Glen Daglish has helped us with Keas since we set it up, as well as being something of a fixture at Cubs as well. Towards the end of last year Glen made an application to be a leader, and this has been processed. I'll invest Glen as soon as I can.

James Egan has also been highly involved in the Cub section and when we jump-started our new Thursday Cubs last year he was one of the first to jump in and give us a hand. His application has also been processed successfully and I'll invest James too.

Jo Le Gros, has been a leader for many years and transferred to Malvern last year, she's been one of the linchpins for the Tama (Thursday) pack which is going gangbusters. Jo has been highly trained (to Wood-Badge) in the other zones. I'll be proud and pleased to present her warrant one night soon.

There are now 13 adults running our sections at Malvern which happens to be two more than the number of Scouts we had back in 1996/7 when I first got involved at the group.

Say hi to them all next time you're down at the den...

Grant Bennett
Mike Foubister
Asipeli Tufau

John Enright
Kenny sparrow
Darren Kellett

Jo Le Gros
James Egan

Deanne White
Kayla Hazlett
David Douglas
Glen Daglish
Courtney Von Hagen

Posted via email from Scouts at Malvern Scout Group

Friday, February 4, 2011

Welcome Back to 2011, term one, and already it's all on

I hope you all had an awesome break, I know that after Jamboree I certainly had a week without answering my emails and without wearing my Scout uniform. I felt very naughty.

Keas, Cubs and Scouts start again next week on Monday, there's an exciting programme the leaders have prepared for you all.

Can you all do some housekeeping for me please?

  1. Let me know if you're not coming back to the group.
  2. Unsubscribe from the emails if you're not coming back (instructions at the bottom of this)
  3. If you owe any money, can you please pay the treasurer, the Jamboree has cleared out the bank.
  4. Let me know if your contacts have changed.
There will be a separate new fees notice coming out soon with the fees as approved at the AGM (I missed you all at that meeting). Nothing has changed substantially, though we have passed on the $20 increase in our fees to National, the first fee rise in many years.

Don't forget to keep an eye on the web page, our calendars are live there and kept current.

Upcoming events this term.

Mudslide Day Feb 20
Founders Day fun at Blue Skies Feb 22
Kea Sleepover (Zone, not group) March 12/13
Zone Camp Keas, Cubs, Scouts April 1/2/3
ANZAC day observance
and many more.

Please check out the calendar when you get a chance: or on our web page at the top

See you in the weeks to come...

(I am no longer the group leader at Malvern as I'll be keeping the same eye on the whole zone now as the Zone Leader. If you think you could help us out by being our new group leader, please get in touch. It's a lot easier than I made it look, and also a lot less work. Go on, you know you want to help.)


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